Hang Massive

Hang Massive is a breakthrough act in the expanding world of hang based musicians. The Hang is a new instrument handmade in Switzerland since the year 2000. Only a small number of instruments have been made and for now they are very rare.
With almost 10 million views on YouTube, an amazing new live album and a lot of exiting new projects on the go, Hang Massive have established themselves as the worlds leading hang duo and promise to deliver many original and unique works in the future.
Danny Cudd and Markus Offbeat have been playing together as a duo since the summer of 2010 and since then have performed all over the world. They have gained recognition globally, captivating audiences with their unique and entertaining performances.
Hang Massive are now on a Global tour and performing at many interesting and varied venues and events. Their unique style of music and more recent fusion with electronic production has further set Hang Massive into a world and genre of their own. Hang Massive is also part of a new International music project ‘Massive Vibe Live‘ – produced by Candice O’Denver and Balanced View. Check out what the formidable hang playing duo are upto at their page www.hangmusic.com


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