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The John Langan Band

The John Langan Band are a dynamic three piece offering a unique sound emerging from Celtic, Gypsy Swing, Roma and Flamenco influences, known for their high energy performances delivered with punk abandonment and virtuosic flare. Wrapping pan European traditional acoustic music with infectious grooves, epic, pounding, sing along, punch the air anthems with intricately arranged instrumentals. Challenging the limitations of what people might expect acoustic instruments to sound like, the use of bowed harmonics between fiddle and bass can be as menacing and eerie as it can be psychedelic and mesmerising. The front man Langan, whilst singing and driving the rhythm guitar, simultaneously co-ordinates the operating of a cajon and a tambourine with his feet bringing the swinging groove of the rhythm guitar together with his foot percussion resulting in an impressively tight band sound with a tempo that is free to go anywhere. Add scorching hot fiddle lines and a guy thumping the groove out a double bass and prepare to be taken on a wild ride!

Catch the band at one of their energetic live headlining shows or at a festival cranking up the masses into a frenzy, live dates can be found on their website


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Adam Beattie

Song writer Adam Beattie, whose distinctive voice ties together an eclectic mix of ‘folk stews and dirty blues’, leads his band ‘The Consultants’. They perform varied, emotional shows, focused around Adam’s philosophical musings of the modern life of a Scotsman living in London. Their popular song ‘A song of One Hundred Years’ is a ballad written for Adam’s grandfather who lived to be one hundred. If you are lucky enough to catch Adam playing a gig soon you are in for a treat – keep up to date with his tour schedule and hear more of his enchanting tunes at


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Brooke Sharkey

London based singer songwriter Brooke Sharkey was raised in both France and England. At the age of 16 her musician father gave Brooke the best piece of advice, which was to go out on the street and start busking the first few songs she’d written. Since then Brooke has released two EP’s, her debut album ‘One Dress’ was released in December 2012. Her latest EP ‘I crossed the line’ was released in 2014 to critical acclaim. Brooke has lured a considerable audience with her intense and expressive style, drawing the listener into her ever more narrative songs with a spacious backdrop of chanson, blues, folk and Latin music. Her current band includes Adam Beattie on electric guitar and backing vocals, a singer songwriter in his own right who often shares the bill with Brooke. Brooke has a busy gigging schedule, where she can be found touring the UK and Europe regularly playing everything from intimate jazz clubs and handpicked venues to large festivals such as Glastonbury.

Find out where Brooke is playing next at and buy her music at


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Hang Massive

Hang Massive is a breakthrough act in the expanding world of hang based musicians. The Hang is a new instrument handmade in Switzerland since the year 2000. Only a small number of instruments have been made and for now they are very rare.
With almost 10 million views on YouTube, an amazing new live album and a lot of exiting new projects on the go, Hang Massive have established themselves as the worlds leading hang duo and promise to deliver many original and unique works in the future.
Danny Cudd and Markus Offbeat have been playing together as a duo since the summer of 2010 and since then have performed all over the world. They have gained recognition globally, captivating audiences with their unique and entertaining performances.
Hang Massive are now on a Global tour and performing at many interesting and varied venues and events. Their unique style of music and more recent fusion with electronic production has further set Hang Massive into a world and genre of their own. Hang Massive is also part of a new International music project ‘Massive Vibe Live‘ – produced by Candice O’Denver and Balanced View. Check out what the formidable hang playing duo are upto at their page


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Brickwood Records

Brickwood Records is a boutique label based in Oakland, California. Since 2012 they have focused on releasing quality electronic music. Their premier release ‘Complications’ features up and coming artists from North America and Europe and they represent a plethora of the West coast’s freshest beat makers. Their multi media parties showcase both their signed artists and a wealth of Bay area talent crossing over DJ’s, VJ’s and the cream of the East Bay’s live painters.
Head over to and for more of their music


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