Brooke Sharkey

London based singer songwriter Brooke Sharkey was raised in both France and England. At the age of 16 her musician father gave Brooke the best piece of advice, which was to go out on the street and start busking the first few songs she’d written. Since then Brooke has released two EP’s, her debut album ‘One Dress’ was released in December 2012. Her latest EP ‘I crossed the line’ was released in 2014 to critical acclaim. Brooke has lured a considerable audience with her intense and expressive style, drawing the listener into her ever more narrative songs with a spacious backdrop of chanson, blues, folk and Latin music. Her current band includes Adam Beattie on electric guitar and backing vocals, a singer songwriter in his own right who often shares the bill with Brooke. Brooke has a busy gigging schedule, where she can be found touring the UK and Europe regularly playing everything from intimate jazz clubs and handpicked venues to large festivals such as Glastonbury.

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